Why do you need a Solar Film?

When you install our Solar Film on your window and door panels you will effectively reduce solar heat and glare. Our Solar Films are also designed to block up to 99% of harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays. UV rays results in colour fading in offices, homes, shops etc…………

Solar Film Benefits

Energy Saving: Reduce heat and lower the temperature of your home in summer. Less need for air-conditioning and better living and working environment.

Improvement: Improve your comfort and maintain temperature consistency from one room to another.

Glare Reduction: Improve television and computer screen viewing.


A bright or office results in favourable and working conditions. However, direct sunlight through windows and doors puts strain on your eyes, can cause hot spots and fading of your furnishings. Besides using curtains, solar film is another great way of solving these problems.

Our solution is to install solar film on your windows, this will reduce the strength of the sun’s UV rays while still enabling you to enjoy the light and views.

Ref. SFSP 22 – Transparent (ideal for shops and window displays)


U.V. Transmission 1%
Visible Light Reflection 9%
Visible Light Transmission 78%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 45%
Total Solar Reflection 10%
Total Solar Absorption 46%
Total Solar Transmission 44%
Glare Reduction 13%

Ref. SFS 50i – Silver


  SFS 50i
U.V. Transmission 1%
Visible Light Reflection 26%
Visible Light Transmission 48%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 58%
Total Solar Reflection 31%
Total Solar Absorption 29%
Total Solar Transmission 40%
Glare Reduction 47%

Ref. SFS 60 / 80 – Silver


  SFS 60 SFS 80
U.V. Transmission 1% 1%
Visible Light Reflection 31% 62%
Visible Light Transmission 40% 16%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 66% 85%
Total Solar Reflection 34% 67%
Total Solar Absorption 39% 20%
Total Solar Transmission 25% 13%
Glare Reduction 60% 84%

Ref. SFV90 – To See Without Being Seen


U.V. Transmission 1%
Visible Light Reflection 64%
Visible Light Transmission 10%
Total Solar Energy Rejection 82%
Total Solar Reflection 61%
Total Solar Absorption 31%
Total Solar Transmission 8%
Glare Reduction 90%